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WhatsApp New Hidden Buttons & Secrets | How to get it before everyone else?

In this tutorial you will discover with me some hidden and secret buttons in the whatsapp application, and exactly two buttons hidden here.

So what are these buttons and what are their benefits. And how you can get it in the version of your whatsapp account that you have on your phone.

This is what you will see with me in this tutorial, so let’s get started.

First Secret (button) :
First button allows you to disconnect the Internet only from the whatsapp application, and keep the internet in the rest of the phone and other applications, which means that you will be able to use the internet to browse sites and see the YouTube or visit Facebook or anything other.

But you will only cut the Internet on the whatsapp application if someone disturb you, whenever you enter to the whatsapp, so by this way you can get rid of it.
This is the first button that gives us this very important feature that we need so much.


Second Secret (button) :
The second button is, Let's say that you have someone you want to keep secret and hide the conversation that are going on between you and him, and messages, etc...

And you don’t want anyone to know about this person that is on your phone or in your whatsapp account, so this option will help you to hide your conversations on your whatsapp account.

I've did a video here explaining all the instructions step by step.

Donwload Whatsapp GB from here.



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