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Facebook Announces a New and Important Property for Data Protection and Privacy.

Facebook Announces a New and Important Property for Data Protection and Privacy.

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Hello everybody!

Facebook announces a new and important property for data protection and privacy.

This week, Facebook will hold the F8 developer conference, which means we will be listening to a host of new projects and tools on the road, most recently on their initiatives to improve privacy and enhance community engagement.

data protection and privacy

In response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, facebook unveiled its plan to achieve significant advantage in the F8 2018 developer conference, Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new privacy tool called Clear History, a task that is required to give users more control over how their data is used on Facebook, It is an option to delete your browser history completely.

This new feature allows users of social networking sites to clear cookies and history. By this way, you'll be able to clear your browsing history on Facebook, and the websites you clicked on and the apps you interacted with. With Facebook Clear History, Zuckerberg looks forward to giving people better control over their data, According to the company's official blog, You'll now also be able to see which apps and websites send data to Facebook, This may include data such as information about the Like button, and Facebook Analytics, etc.

And if you like to use this option to clear your history, Facebook company will remove the identifying information that may be associated with your account, However, he will continue to provide aggregated analytics for developers, Note that Facebook Clear History Option is not available at the moment, Blog post indicates that it will take a few months to create this feature.

Zuckerberg added: "We will work with privacy advocates, academics, policy makers and regulators to get their input on our approach, Including how we plan to remove identifying information and the rare cases where we need information for security purposes. "

While Facebook provides new tools and measures for privacy in response to the Cambridge Analytic scandal, many users have noticed that deleting Facebook completely is not that simple - especially since Facebook is able to track non-users through their activity on websites, which uses the so-called Facebook Pixel and other data tracking procedures, this new instrument will not necessarily stop, But will give users an easy way to remove their browsing history or history from Facebook servers, which the company says ensures that there is no connection between your account and any such data.

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