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How To Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO) in Google

How To Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO) in Google

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When I talk to anyone about SEO, the first question he will ask me is, WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GOOGLE RANKING FACTOR?

This is a difficult question to answer, because it depends heavily on a lot of variables related to the field of your site, your current status and the type of content in your site and the competition in your domain and the topics you want to appear on in the search engines.

By data collected by Accuranker & Ahrefs, with analyzing and collecting data from over one million link leaders on keywords in Google. And analyzed the factors that produce and arrange these links in Google to extract and know the most important factors leading in Google, which led to these sites.

I will share with you now the most important thing that has been discovered from the analysis of these links.

So let's get to know how Google is measuring the power of the site and take advantage of these factors on our sites to come up with any words we want.

The Most Important Google Ranking Factor in 2018?


Backlinks is one of the most important factors related to ranking in Google, More Backlinks = Top ranking in Google.

Not all Backlinks are equal in strength, if the site from where you take the Backlinks is Strange, and It is related with your domain site, your site Backlinks will be strange as well, and your site will be more affects the ranking of your site in Google.

The most common trap people fall into these days is “Make good content and will be the top in Google”, this sentence I read it and saw it a lot, certainly the content is the king, but it remains in the end one of the factors, and it’s not good to pay attention to one of the factors leading in Google and leave the rest, Also, you can’t pay attention to Backlinks and ignore the content, all factors must be balanced while creating your site for search engines.

Diversifying the Backlinks in your site increases its strength and impact, the more domains that refer to your site the more powerful.

According to the study it’s happened in 2018, the pages that topped the #1 result in Google, They had more than 168% of the domains they referred to compared to #5 in the same page.

Concentrate words in the Backlinks (Anchor Text)

The concentration of targeted keywords in the Backlinks that you get from the most important ranking factors in Google.

After analyzing the site data, it was found that the links that received a greater proportion of Anchor Text in the targeted word were ranked higher than the other results.

In the graph it is clear that the result #1 contains an average of 5.4% of the Backlinks in the target word, which leads to it.

Short titles and links work better

Page titles and links are the most important elements of a page that appear in search engines, and have a very large impact on the ratio of CTR of the search results, and also is a very important factor used by Google to determine if your score deserves a better ranking or is not suitable for the user.

In fact, based on a personal experience I have been doing for some time, I was able to jump from the second page to a word with high search and high competition to the first page within 24 hours only, by improving the CTR only without any other factors.

High-ranking pages in the Google search engine tend to have short titles. (Not all)

I am convinced of this for two main reasons:
  1. The long titles in the search engine Google are truncated the extra parts of them and thus lose the title an important part of it, and this affects the ratio of CTR.
  2. Short titles tend to have the answer and the point that the user searches for directly, this makes the user decide quickly if this result is true or not.
This applies to links too, the shorter the better for SEO.

The presence of the targeted word in the title and link

Such as title length and link, the presence of the targeted keyword has been tested in the title and description to see if it will result in a high ranking in Google or not.

The following graph shows the relation between the presence of the target word in the title and description in ranking.

The presence of the target word in the title and link affects a lot the ranking on these words. Also, it is very important to increase the CTR when the target word is in the title and description. When the user notices it, he makes sure that the content of this page is exactly what he is looking for.

HTTPS is very important factor to appear in the first results

Sites that have HTTPS it have the advantage of ranking in the search engine, it has been confirmed that HTTPS is an important factor of ranking in Google.

The analysis of the site data revealed that 33% of pages ranked 1,2,3 on the first page have HTTPS. If you have not yet installed the HTTPS certificate on your site, you have to think about it now.

These were the most important ranking factors in Google, which were softened by the analysis of more than 1 million link leaders on the words in Google, and certainly there are many other factors, but in this article I wanted to highlight the most important in a simple way, and this article will be updated periodically to be a reference for anyone interested in learning SEO and staying informed about the most important ranking factors in Google.

I hope that I have provided you with this article, and don’t forget to share with us your experiences in leading the words in Google.


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