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Get a free US, UK or EUROPEAN Number for Whatsapp, Google, Instagram, Facebook

Get a free US, UK or EUROPEAN Number for Whatsapp, Google, Instagram, Facebook

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Get a free US/EUROPEAN number to activate WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other accounts, and also to make free calls, send and receive messages for free.

To get a free US/EUROPEAN number is not something difficult, There are many ways to get a free US/EUROPEAN number, but not all ways  are as the same efficient.

Sometimes we need a number from another country such as United states or EUROPEAN COUNTRY to use it in activating accounts in some sites and applications such as WhatsApp or sites don’t accept the numbers of your country and receive calls for free, there are different reasons let you need to use a US/EUROPEAN number to complete the process whatever it is, and sometimes we want To make more than one account in a particular site or application for special reasons, but we can’t do it because we only have one phone number.

So from now, you don’t have to worry about this problem, because in this lesson, I will show you, how you can get unlimited US/EUROPEAN phone numbers for free without pay even one cent,

In this article, I will show you how to get a free US/EUROPEAN number to activate accounts, applications, receive messages, and make conversations for free.

So let’s get started :

We will use in method an application calls TalkU app.

1. Download and Install TalkU app from HERE.

2. Open TalkU app.

3. Click on Get Free Credits to earn 40 credits by completing offers

4. The easy way to earn credits quickly is to install apps or watch videos or invite your friend to install this by your link.

5. Now  when you complete earning 40 credits, go back and click on TalkU Phone Numbers

6. Click Add a New Phone Number

7. Select your Country : Canada = United States

Note: if you select the US flag the number will not be working with you if you want to validate WhatsApp App, select Canada Flag it will charge you 40 credits.

8. Type a Canadean area code or city name, for example 647 area code.

9. Select any number you like.

10. Click on Continue

11. Click on Get access to this number.

12. Close this message, don't click on Pay.

13. Congratulations, Now you got your first US number.
      Click on Continue.

14. Go back from this window.

15. This this is the number we got, Now let's go to activate WhatsApp app.

16. enter the US Number.

if you forgot your number go back to TalkU app to get it.

17. Click Next.

18. Click OK.

19. Wait 1 minute and 4 seconds until you see ''Call me'' option in green.

20. Click on Call Me.

21. you will receive a call from WhatsaApp with validation code.
Save the code with you an use for validation whatsapp.

22. Go to WhatsApp, and enter the validation code.

Note : To keep using this number you need to earn 40 credits for every month.

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