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How to know your Blogger Blog Speed and Load Times, And Reasons why is Slow ?

Hi guys, today im gonna show you how to know your blogger blog speed and load times, And how to measure this speed, And how to know the reasons why is slow.

Google has launched several tools recently that will improve the user experience and the speed of websites, it also works on other services in this field, including speeding pages and other services that load the contents of sites in their servers and offer them in a very fast and arranged on phones.

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In this regard, the company launched a tool to measure the user experience and the speed of sites on the desktop and phones, which provide you the trouble to search for tools, most of which still focus only on the desktop and ignore mobile devices, and this service is intended to help users, Accurate results on their sites in general and comprehensive with a quick and professional preview of mobile and desktop at the same time.

Where through this experience you will get all the details of your site from the speed and experience of the user on the platforms with the possibility to see the errors and problems suffered by the site, and you get a dotting and evaluation of Google for your site of 100 points, and through this experience will be able to Fix and improve your site's performance to be better.

You can start testing your blogger site from here.

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