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Turn off Auto Brightness iOS 11

Turn off Auto Brightness iOS 11

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If you're not a fan of your iPhone's ability to adjust screen brightness by itself, you've probably turned off auto-brightness on multiple occasions in the past. All you would do is go to your "Display & Brightness" settings and toggle it off, but that's no longer the case in iOS 11 — whether you have an iPhone X or any other iPhone.

As you can see in the below screenshot on the right, in iOS 11, the auto-brightness option is no longer available in the "Display & Brightness" settings anymore. Performing a search in the Settings app for "Auto-Brightness" will get you to the new location of this preference, but not really, since you have to tap once afterward to find the setting (if you can even remember what the search page said).

"Auto-Brightness" seen in iOS 10 (left) but missing from iOS 11 (right).

Apple's making us work for it. Now it's buried inside the Accessibility settings. To get there, select "General" in the Settings app, then "Accessibility." On the next page, tap on "Display Accommodations" and you'll see the toggle for "Auto-Brightness."

Why is Apple making it harder for users to disable auto-brightness in iOS? Who knows. Maybe they're trying to reduce the number of people who complain about horrible battery life on their iPhone, which would explain their note that settings caption that "Turning off auto-brightness may affect battery life." Still, I thought that was fairly obvious.

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