Storing Rabo App

Storing Rabo App

Rabo Banking App

Arrange your banking affairs online with your smartphone or tablet

Your bank in your pocket
quick insight into credits and debits
transfer money without Rabo Scanner
immediately block your bank card, request a new one or change your pass limit
request money (back) from acquaintances via a payment request
contact an employee directly by chatting, emailing or calling|Rabo%20Bankieren%20App|externalwebsite |Rabo%20Bankieren%20App|externalwebsite

Recover money with a payment request

Payment request in the Rabo Banking App 

Simply request your money back to acquaintances

Recover money via the Rabo Banking App
Share via Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook or other social media
You can send a request to everyone. Even if they are not Rabobank customers
The amount is directly in your account
Receive a notification if the amount is on your account

Send a payment request

Recover money after a dinner with friends? With a payment request in the Rabo Banking App you can arrange it quickly and easily. And your money is directly in your account. Also on weekends and public holidays. Regardless of which bank the recipient bankers.

This is how it works:

1. Create a payment request in the Rabo Banking App (up to € 750).
2. Share your payment request via Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook Messenger or other social media.
3. You can send the request to everyone.
4. You will receive a notification when the amount has been paid. Set this up via 'Self-regulate'.
5. The money is directly in your account, including weekends and holidays.

You don't have a Rabo Banking App? Download it here.|Rabo%20Bankieren%20App|externalwebsite |Rabo%20Bankieren%20App|externalwebsite

Receive a payment request

Have you received a payment request from a friend? Pay it easily (back) via iDEAL.

Follow the steps:

1. Rabobank's payment request can be recognized by the logo and the payment link
2. Check whether the payment link you received starts with
3. Click on the link to pay the payment request via iDEAL
4. Check the amount and the name of the recipient

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