how to charge nintendo switch controllers

Your Nintendo Switch gives you several ways to play — on the TV or on the go, with Joy-Con controllers connected or apart, and with or without a Pro Controller. 

Switch’s wireless controllers are a big part of what makes the system so versatile. But you don’t want to be in a situation where your controllers run out of juice in the middle of playing. Your Joy-Con controllers should last about 20 hours when fully charged, but that time can go quick, especially if you leave your games idle for long periods.

So if you’re a new Switch owner or if you want to read up on everything you’re in for before buying, this guide tell you how to avoid losing power to your Joy-Con or Pro controllers.

1. Charge your Joy-Con controllers by attaching them to the Switch. The easiest way to charge your Joy-Con controllers is to attach them to the sides of your Switch. This will begin charging each Joy-Con’s internal battery.

2. Charge your Pro Controller through your USB cable. If you bought a Switch Pro Controller you can charge it at any time through the included USB-C cable connected to your Switch dock. The front two USB ports on the dock are easiest to access while still playing.

3. Buy a Charging Grip. The Joy-Con Charging Grip is sold separately, retails for $29.99 and will let you charge your Joy-Con controllers when not attached to your Switch via a USB cable that connects to your Switch dock. The standard Joy-Con Grip that comes with your console cannot charge your controllers.

4. Buy a Joy-Con charging dock. If you own more than one set of Joy-Con controllers, the officially licensed PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock is your best choice for keeping everything topped off as easily as possible. It will charge 2 sets of Joy-Con controllers at once.

5. Keep your controllers charging when not in use. Don’t just leave your Joy-Con controllers laying around in a standard Grip or sitting apart on a coffee table, or your Pro Controller disconnected from its USB cable. When you’re done playing, slide the Joy-Con controllers on to your Switch or into a Charging Grip, and plug the USB cable into your Pro Controller so you don’t lose power as fast the next time you play. This is also true of the Switch itself — leave the system in the dock when not in use to keep its battery charged for later.

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