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In this article we are going to guide you with how to download Facebook videos on android phone with app. So you can always enjoy watching facebook videos even you are offline.
Facebook is the most widely used VOD service in the world. But, sometimes we would like to download Facebook videos to be watch them offline when on a long journey or at Granny in open country where the 4G no longer exists. For that, we will reveal some tricks that will allow you to enjoy Facebook offline.

How to Download Facebook videos to Android phone or Tablet

Today we will show you how to download Facebook videos on Android phone / Tablet 2017. TubeMate app [Facebook, YouTube, Downloader android], which will allow you to easily download Facebook videos to watch them later.

1. At First, go to the settings of your Android phone: Click on the “Settings” app and then Tap on “Security“.

2. Now Scroll down to “Device Management” and Check the box “Unknown sources“.
This will allow you to install apps that aren’t available on the Play Store, which is the case of the app we will use today.

3. Then download TubeMate app [Here] . Once the download is finished, you just need to launch and install the file. 

  • Then launch the app.

4. You will easily understand how to use this app because its UI is very simple. You are indeed on the same Facebook interface as usual, except that it is framed by a new interface that will allow you to download. Play a video:
  • Click on the menu in the top

5. Select FaceBook from the list

6. Log In with your Facebook Account

7. Im saving some videos, So i will go directly to them, And you can browse your videos.

8. When you find the video you want to download it, click to play it.

9. Click Download.

10. You can rename the video name or leave it
  • Click OK.

11. The download starts! To access download list, simply “drag to the right” by following the arrow when viewing Facebook.

Once the download is complete, you can go through the list to play your video, or even by another video player on Android .

The video is in any case saved on your internal memory! No more need to type in your 4G package to access it, and enjoy offline facebook when you are deadly boredom on train or grandma’s journeys!. I hope this guide will help you with save youtube videos on android mobile and tablet to watch them offline.

Download TubeMate Facebook Downloader 2.4.4

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